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Individually, we are strong.
In tandem, we are unstoppable.

Do you need to reach a bunch of niche sites and blogs and special-interest groups but have no time to build and work the lists? Are you an author who is poised to break out and want to augment your publisher’s efforts on a year-round basis to take you to that next level?
Then hire Meg.

Need an outside publicist to book your tour or pitch you for review and feature coverage in national and local markets? Need an industry professional with the best media contacts to pitch your book to television and radio shows?
Then hire Gretchen.

Have a big book that absolutely cannot fail? Need help building an integrated campaign where marketing and publicity work in tandem?
Then hire the Tandem team.

What We Do: Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Online Marketing:
Meg will research special interest and niche websites and blogs. Once she’s built lists of outlets best suited to your book, she’ll write targeted pitches and conduct outreach to each venue aiming for reviews, interviews, content syndication, and selection for book salons.

Third-Party Cross-Promotion:
Meg will research organizations and associations with constituencies interested in your book and reach out to them about ways to promote to their membership. She can identify products and brands appropriate for promotional tie-ins and seek to procure prizing for contests and giveaways. Meg will direct leads back to the publisher’s publicity department for possible speaking engagements or events and to their special markets department for potential bulk sales.

Meg can help an author get established in the realm of social networking and blogging, advise on ways to build a website that suits the needs of a book and an author’s long-range career goals, and strategize with an author on tactics to build and maintain a fan base year-round.

Meg can write insightful reading group discussion guides, selling catalog and flap copy, and targeted text for websites, e-blasts, and e-newsletters.

What We Do: Publicity Services

Publicity Services

Author Tours:
Supplement publisher or author sponsored reading tours with local media and bookstore visits.

Review & Feature Coverage:
Pitch book review and features editors at long lead & weekly magazines and national and regional newspapers.

National & Local Broadcast Media:
Pitch national media outlets such as NBC’s “The Today Show,” ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Oprah, The CBS Early Show, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News to name a few.

Radio phoner campaigns:
Arrange national and local radio interviews such as National Public Radio, local NPR affiliates, drive time

Press materials:
Craft press releases pitch letters and author Q&As

Online media:
Pitch stories and interview opportunities to all of the top websites and blogs.

We can also consult with you on and refer you to colleagues and friends in the fields of graphic design, website development, market research, videography, and photography.

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What we do Sidebar: S.Orman

Suze Orman
“A book forever memorializes an author’s dream to enhance the lives of readers through the written word. There is no way this dream can become a reality, however, if a book sits undiscovered on the shelf of a bookstore or warehouse. With so many new titles being published every year, this sad fate is a distinct probability. That’s why unique and integrated publicity and marketing has got to be a part of the equation if a book is to succeed. In my opinion, no one does it better than Gretchen and Meghan. When my work is finished theirs begins. Given my track record, need I say more?”

author of seven consecutive New York Times bestsellers

What we do Sidebar: M.Taibbi

Matt Taibbi
“Meghan did incredibly thorough outreach to bloggers for The Great Derangement which resulted in reviews and repeated mentions on all the top political blogs. We also had a lot of fun working together to create the promotional video that was her brainchild from the start and that has gotten more than 32,000 views. Not only does Meghan have a great understanding of how to promote a book online, she approached the marketing of my book as if it were a bestseller from day one. Thanks in large part to her enthusiastic efforts it became one.”

author of the New York Times bestseller The Great Derangement

What we do Sidebar: N.Philbrick

Nathaniel Philbrick
“Through an endless summer of touring for In the Heart of the Sea, it was a tremendous relief and a joy to have Gretchen by my side. She worked tirelessly, never losing sight of a single detail. I didn’t expect that I’d become friends with my publicist, but I ended up gaining a good friend in Gretchen. I would recommend her to anyone.”

author of In the Heart of the Sea, Sea Change and Mayflower

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