Testimonials Page: Suze Orman

We have worked with some incredible people over the years and are so grateful for their support.

Suze Orman

“A book forever memorializes an author’s dream to enhance the lives of readers through the written word. There is no way this dream can become a reality, however, if a book sits undiscovered on the shelf of a bookstore or warehouse. With so many new titles being published every year, this sad fate is a distinct probability. That’s why unique and integrated publicity and marketing has got to be a part of the equation if a book is to succeed. In my opinion, no one does it better than Gretchen and Meghan. When my work is finished theirs begins. Given my track record, need I say more?”

author of seven consecutive New York Times bestsellers

Testimonials Page: Artie Lange

Artie Lange

“These broads put me on the top of a couple really important lists. Thanks to them Too Fat to Fish was #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. As anyone who has read my book will know, I am a bit of a drinker. Because Meghan and Gretchen made my book such a success I am busier and more famous than ever, which means I am drinking more heavily than ever. So it really is thanks to their hard work that I am now one step closer to also being #1 on the liver donation list. No one else I’ve ever worked with has delivered me simultaneously to the top of the world and rock bottom like they have. In all seriousness, I love these guys. They are the best and would work with them again any day.”

author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Too Fat to Fish

Testimonial Page: N. Philbrick

Nathaniel Philbrick

“Through an endless summer of touring for In the Heart of the Sea, it was a tremendous relief and a joy to have Gretchen by my side. She worked tirelessly, never losing sight of a single detail. I didn’t expect that I’d become friends with my publicist, but I ended up gaining a good friend in Gretchen. I would recommend her to anyone.”

author of In the Heart of the Sea, Sea Change and Mayflower

Testimonial Page: M. Taibbi

Matt Taibbi

“Meghan did incredibly thorough outreach to bloggers for The Great Derangement which resulted in reviews and repeated mentions on all the top political blogs. We also had a lot of fun working together to create the promotional video that was her brainchild from the start and that has gotten more than 32,000 views. Not only does Meghan have a great understanding of how to promote a book online, she approached the marketing of my book as if it were a bestseller from day one. Thanks in large part to her enthusiastic efforts it became one.”

author of the New York Times bestseller The Great Derangement

Testimonial Page: A. Langer

Adam Langer

“As both an author and a member of the media, I have found Meghan Walker and Gretchen Koss to be tireless and endlessly creative champions of books and authors, and consider myself lucky to have had them working on my behalf.”

author of Crossing California and Ellington Boulevard

Testimonial: J. Queller

Jessica Queller

“As a first time author of a deeply personal memoir I always felt I was in the best possible hands with Gretchen and Meg. I was floored by the amount of coverage they conjured for an unknown author—it seemed the book was mentioned everywhere. In addition to print, they did a phenomenal job procuring TV and radio appearances, and they worked diligently to reach every possible website and organization in the breast cancer community, leaving no stone unturned. They make an incredible team and I was thrilled to be on it.”

author of Pretty is What Changes

Testimonial: T. Coates

Ta Nehisi Coates

“Having worked in media for most of my life, I know how hard it is to will a great product above the din. This is to say nothing of a great book. I don’t know that I wrote a great book, but I did my best to write a good one. Gretchen and Meghan and their amazing teams worked tirelessly to make sure my book was seen by not just as many people as possible, but by the right people. Too often authors end their publishing experience with horror stories. I’ve met a few like that, but I’m never able to share in the grief-swapping. My experience with promotion was nothing like I expected, but everything I hoped.”

author of The Beautiful Struggle and blogger at theatlantic.com

Testimonial: C.Spiegel

“Meghan Walker and Gretchen Koss are two of the most impressive talents in publishing. Together they are unbeatable. They bring creativity, dedication, insight, and a welcome dose of humor to every project. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have worked closely with them in the launch and development of Spiegel & Grau, which benefited immensely from their publishing savvy, energy, and innovative thinking.”

Publishers, Spiegel & Grau, a division of Random House

Testimonial: I.Held

“Here’s a go-to shop if ever there was one: Gretchen and Meghan are complete pros who bring nearly 40 years experience to the publishing table — but they somehow still bring the energy (and the hearts and souls) of wunderkinds to every campaign.”

President, G.P. Putnam’s Sons

Testimonial: C. Ferraro

“I can think of no one in publishing who has a such a fantastic rapport with a wide variety of authors: Gretchen Koss is resourceful, intelligent, quick-thinking, always gets the job done (perfectly) and always winds up with her authors loving her. She creates and executes flawless publicity campaigns—and at the same time keeps everyone—publisher, author, agent—very happy. She is, in short, amazing.”

President, Viking & Plume

Testimonial: D.Heffernan

“Meg & Gretchen are both so passionate about books and authors. When they grab hold of a project they don’t let go. Their hard work and dedication was always a tremendous asset to the Penguin sales force. Aside from that, they are both a lot of fun to work with.”


President of Sales, Penguin Adult Hardcover and Children’s, Publisher, Penguin Audio

Testimonial: P.Grann

“I’ve known and worked with Meghan for many years. While at Putnam she worked tirelessly on the marketing campaigns for all of our repeat bestselling authors and always brought passion and fresh ideas to even the most challenging projects. Her positive energy made working with her a pleasure. In times like these, when we all need to see results, publishers and authors would be wise to hire Meghan.”


Senior Editor, Doubleday and former President, Penguin Group (USA)

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